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Declarative Concurrency with Reactive Programming (with Florian Stefan)

June 29, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Office Club (AKA mobilesuite), Pappelallee 78/79, , 10437 Berlin, Berlin

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„Everything is a stream“ - This often cited mantra indicates why Reactive Programming is such a powerful tool for handling data flows in almost every part of an application. With great justice, Reactive Programming experienced a significant growth in popularity in the last years. But its growing popularity also leads to a Babylonian confusion: the term „Reactive“ became overloaded and „is now being associated with several different things to different people“ (Jonas Bonér, Viktor Klang). To understand what Reactive Programming is - and what it is not - we will survey the landscape sharpened by trends like Reactive Streams, Reactive Extensions and Reactive Systems. We will then summarise the basic principles of Reactive Programming by looking at the library Reactor and discuss real-life usages of this library in a legacy system. This talk is useful for people who are confused by the label „Reactive“, curious about the principles behind Reactive Programming or interested in real-life examples beyond the buzzword.
Florian Stefan works as a Senior Software Engineer for GmbH (eBay Classifieds Group). He enjoys building Java/Scala-based web applications in a cloud environment and listening to Punk Rock.
Special Edition – This time we’ll have a DJ after the talk: our very own Patrick Hund will be rocking the decks with danceable gems from the eighties to the teens.

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