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Design Friday VIII - designing experiences around AR/VR

August 25, 17:30

Tallinn, Estonia
Lift99, Telliskivi 60a (B building 2nd floor), Tallinn

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After a first meet up in London and a short summer break Design Friday is back in Estonia with a very special evening. The theme of the event will be “Designing experiences around AR/VR” and we are very happy to have such an awesome lineup: Peeter Nieler - Virtual Reality R&D Professional, Speaker, Venture Catalyst. ‘What are the hurdles of training applications in VR?’
Laura León - AR Magician, Designer and Developer at Mobi Lab. ‘Designing for the new reality’ 
Christer Loob - CEO and Co Founder at Operose ‘How AR solves real world problems in different industries’ *The event will take place in LIFT99 this time, and after the talks there will be time to mingle, enjoy some snacks and have fun at Mobi Lab’s brand new VR Lab located right there! Free of charge. Sign up here:
See you all at LIFT99!

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