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Design Thinking Startup Weekend Bootcamp

May 11, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Amadeus, Hälsingegatan 49, Stockholm

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Whether you are thinking about pitching and working on your idea on Stockholm Startup Weekend Travel on May 12-14 or just interested in learning about design thinking and applying it workshop is full of practical tools for you. 
The Bootcamp is FREE for the registered Stockholm Startup Weekend Travel participants and Startup Weekend alumni! Registration link below!
This workshop is for those coming across Design Thinking for the first time and for those looking to take a deeper dive. What You’ll Learn:
• How to define the "right" problem.
• How to harness teamwork to develop innovative solutions; 
• How fast-paced time boxing can generate high energy and engagement in a team;
• How to apply the tools of Design Thinking within your organization.
In this bootcamp you will learn how to use techniques like human-centred interviewing, visual stories, experience mapping, ideation matrixes and rapid prototyping in an atmosphere of radical collaboration and iterative learning. You don’t have to be a designer to think like one. We will give you the key to unlock Design Thinking to help your organisation to highlight problem-finding and problem-solving. The method offers a structured and accessible way to develop solutions that are really needed and effective. For more details, please check In case of question, please contact: [masked]

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