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DevOps at AdCash - Mixing Cloud with dedicated hardware

August 31, 18:30

Tallinn, Estonia
This location is shown only to members, Kentmanni 4, Tallinn

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The host of next Tallinn DevOps meetup is AdCash in their lovely Kentmanni street office terrace. We are focusing on Cloud services and/or dedicated hardware. When building applications with scaling in mind we are often facing choices on which partner to choose - Should I put everything on dedicated linux boxes in some cheap datacenter? Should I use some cloud provider? Or maybe I can push my application to Heroku and stop worrying about scaling.
To start the discussion - following presentations are prepared:
Anthony Rouillot from AdCash - "Adcash Data Pipe - Cloud Metal Fusion"
Edgar Maloverian from TransferWise - "To cloud or not to cloud, pragmatic approach"
The first presentation starts approx 18:45
As the parking space in the city center is scarce - please consider using public transport.

Tallinn DevOps Meetup Tallinn DevOps Meetup

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