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DevOps Connect: Jenkins days. Pre-conference meetup

May 22, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden

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Robert "Bobby" Sandell and Viktor Farcic are back in Stockholm to present on DevOps Connect event by Cloudbees (
Both Bobby and Viktor agreed to give a presentation for JAM Stockholm
Robert Sandell - Seven Habits of Highly Effective Jenkins Users
In the past two years, a lot has changed in Jenkins. With the introduction of Jenkins Pipeline and the release of Jenkins 2, the usage, administration and scalability capabilities for Jenkins have been extended greatly. In this workshop, we will review seven habits to make you a highly effective Jenkins 2 administrator
Viktor Farcic - TBD
We are on look up for a place to host this meetup! Please reach out to organizers if you have a wish and possibility to host us
See you soon!
DevOps Connect folks have provided us with 10 free tickets and a 20% off coupon code for when the free tickets run out.  You may find the link below with the discount code included in the link. The free tickets are for the summit only, and the 20% code only applies to the speaking day.  All workshops must be paid in full.
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Stockholm Jenkins Meetup Stockholm Jenkins Meetup

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