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Digital Health 2020: what is entering German Healthcare in the next 3 years?

October 25, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
Spielfeld, Skalitzer Str. 85-86, 10997 , Berlin

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The digital transformation of healthcare has only just begun. Across Europe people use the benefits of electronic health records, AI assisted symptom checkers, certified med tech devices to continuously monitor body vitals to adjust their medication and share their data with their doctors.
In Germany we look at our insurance chipcard with our address on it, we phone specialty doctors for an appointment and cry tears of happiness when we get one in 6 months. We still run with our doctor’s prescription on paper to the pharmacy next door, video consultation is doable but not available and we lose our network connection on our mobile phones when travelling from Berlin to Hamburg. We hear a lot of talking that our system is one of the best, but where exactly are the beneficial digital health products and services for Germany in the next 3 years? What can we really expect in terms of digital health products and services?
Join our panel discussion on what we can really expect coming up until 2020. Experience best practice examples on how they are going to be implemented and find out if there’s still room for more.

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