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Docker meets eGym ❤

September 7, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
eGym Gmbh, Saarbrücker Str. 37 in 10405 Berlin, Berlin

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1. Deploying docker containers to cloud by Leela Sharma
Continuous delivery and by that extension continuous deployment form a key aspect of getting the deploy-able artifacts to production. Spinnaker helps to automate, run and manage these continuous delivery pipelines to a multi cloud infrastructure.
2. Let’s play with Docker Swarm easily
Jiri Penzes would like show you how you can use Docker Swarm via Swarmpit app. Quick introduction to service management, deployment and live demo.

Leela Sharma,  Senior Software Engineer at eGym
Jiri Penzes, Software Coffeeholic @ TopMonks

eGym uses the possibilities of digitization to make the gym work for everyone – making it easy to use, fun and more motivational. The basis of our vision is formed by our free, open digital platform which connects all data sources within a gym. This platform is the basis for the better customer care tools as well as an advanced training experience for gym members.

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