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Docker meets SatoshiPay

May 5, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
This location is shown only to members, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 5, 10178 Berlin, Berlin

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SatoshiPay (c/o TechCode) will kindly sponsor the location, food and drinks for this occasion. Doors open at 6 pm.

Talk #1 Docker Cloud - an introduction
Levin Keller will show how to deploy, orchestrate and scale a dockerized microservice fleet with Docker Cloud - a cheap and easy solution for small to medium projects.
Talk #2 Docker Swarm und Stack 
Tobias Gesellchen will show you how to deploy services across several nodes using the Docker stack command. Since a single deployment is boring, he will show you how to apply rolling updates, how to configure error handling, and where the rough edges might appear for your use case.
Levin Keller (@zeBookie) is a software developer with a passion for test driven development and microservices that have a short and simple codebase. He is leading the SatoshiPay tech team and in charge of the microservice architecture and deployment, all of which is dockered at SatoshiPay.
Tobias Gesellchen (@gesellix) is a software developer and Docker aficionado. He is working at Europace AG building a financial marketplace for mortgages and personal loans. The product follows the microservice architecture and is deployed continuously in Docker containers.
SatoshiPay’s nanopayment technology allows quick and secure payments without login.
Using blockchain technology, SatoshiPay built an open-loop payment system which uses Bitcoin at its heart for authentication, security of funds and to prove content usage rights ownership. The SatoshiPay backend and apis consists of many microservices, that are exclusively bundled, shipped, deployed managed with Docker (Cloud). The codebase is React in the Frontend and NodeJS in the backend.

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