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Elastic Meetup

January 31, 17:30

Helsinki, Finland
Runeberginkatu 5 D, 00100, Helsinki

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We're happy to announce an Elastic meetup organized together with Zalando Tech and Findwise at Zalando Helsinki Tech Hub on January 31st. Please sign up via Eventbrite:
We will have a three talks international experts. Dmitry Kolesnikov from Zalando, Svetlin Stefanov from Findwise and Tobias Karlsson from Elastic speaking.
There will be food and beverages, sponsored by Zalando, at 17:30. The talks will start at 18:00
Talk 2: Elastic usage at Zalando Cluster (Dmitry Kolesnikov)
More information later
Bio Dmitry Kolesnikov
Talk 2: Elastic Cluster – Performance Testing (Svetlin Stefanov)
In this session you will learn about performance testing your Elasticsearch cluster so that you can better plan the hardware and the settings of your going-to-production cluster. If you are already in production, the tests will help you identify better configuration options or will enable you to benchmark new search features so that there will be less surprises when these are deployed.
We will go through the typical performance test steps and will end up with a performance test demo.
Bio Svetlin Stefanov
Talk 3: What’s hot and new in Elastic Stack 5 (Tobias Karlsson)
• New logos and branding as well as a version jump and synchronization across all Elastic products.
• Working with ingest nodes and what they mean for Logstash.
• Scripting reborn with the new language Painless.
• Good bye TransportClient, hello Java HTTP Client.
• Kibana’s visual overhaul and time-series with Timelion.
• Metricbeat and other Beats improvements.
• Metrics in Logstash and soon persistency.
Bio Tobias Karlsson:
Tobias works at Elastic, where he’s part of the Solution Architects team. He loves working in the intersection of technology and business, helping customers apply relevant technology to solve their business challenges. For the last couple of years he has been focused on solving large scale, near real-time problems with distributed systems. 

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