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Ethereum: we REALLY need to talk about this, now.

June 20, 18:30

Stockholm, Sweden

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The fact that the ETHEREUM TOKEN has surged from a few dollars to over $200 in six months is not the most interesting part of Ethereum.
The World is waking up to SMART CONTRACTS, i.e. code which is deployed into the decentralized ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN.
It takes some time to grasp the vast long-term implications of its possibilities, because they will probably change more than we can anticipate, from GOVERNANCE, to BANKING, to STARTUPS, to FUNDING, to TRUST, to IDENTITY.
We need to get together and become MASTERS OF ETHEREUM in order to be one step ahead of these developments.
This will be an introduction on the matter and a first step in becoming TRULY DECENTRALIZED.

Decentralized Self - Stockholm Decentralized Self - Stockholm

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