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Evening hack - Functional database programming with Datomic

June 8, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
This location is shown only to members, Västerlånggatan 79 2 tr, Stockholm

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How about an occasion to come have a chat about Clojure, data structures and Datomic? Perhaps have a chance to connect with peers - for practical help, quetions or to provide insights regarding any of the above mentioned?
Since mine and Linus' talks at #FooCafe and #FuncProgSthlm were appreciated and we promised a follow-up in a more interactive form - here it is! Or, at least, here is a first chance to meetup and discuss one of the topics.
If there is interest in hearing the talk on functional database programming with Datomic - it would be a delight to give it and also take questions, demonstrate and provide help to set up similar environments. Regardless, we will be around (at the above place and time) programming clojure and using Datomic. We will be happy to offer any help or information to get started with Clojure, Datomic or React(ive) web apps using ClojureScript.
We want to provide a welcoming and learning environment and assume that everyone who shows up is also willing to contribute to exactly that. We will provide healthy as well as unhealthy snacks as well as coffee and tea.
/Ville & Agical

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