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Event-Driven CD & Continuous Load Testing

August 29, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Spotify HQ, Birger Jarlsgatan 61, Stockholm

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Welcome to the 10th Continuous Delivery Stockholm meetup!
This event will consist of two talks focused on Continuous Delivery followed by some kind of moderated discussions on the topics of the talks and Continuous Delivery in general.
The meetup is all about meeting like-minded people, discuss use cases and share experiences.
How to load test, the developer way
As a developer, you can with little effort implement automated continuous load testing in your project! This talk will show a practical demo of this, using CircleCI and k6. After this session we hope you’ll be both inspired and ready to set up some automated load testing yourself. 
Speaker bio: Robin Gustafsson is the CTO at Load Impact, with 10+ years of experience as a developer. He is a driving force behind the newly released open source tool, k6. Robin has a strong belief that developers should test their own code.
Event-Driven CD @ Spotify
Challenges faced and lessons learned along the way of investigating, designing, building, and launching a centralised build platform in an environment where team autonomy is king.
Speaker bio: Rickard Dybeck is a Software Engineer at Spotify where he works on developer tools and Continuous Delivery. He loves trying new technologies and taking something complicated and making it simple.

17:30 - Registration  17:45 - Introduction  18:00 - Presentations  19:20 - Moderated discussions 20:00 - Finish
Spotify is the event sponsor who makes the event possible by making sure we have a venue, food and drinks.
You need to specify your real name when you submit your RSVP to be able to access the venue. Thank you for your understanding!
Make sure to follow @cdstockholm ( on Twitter for the latest updates from this meetup group!
Looking forward meeting you on Aug 29th!

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