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‘Experiences of projects with mixed culture teams’

January 20, 08:15

Helsinki, Finland
IBM, Laajalahdentie 23, Helsinki

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Wang Guodong, also known as Gordon, an experienced PM with Huawei, has agreed to speak at our BRT January 20th, with a topic ‘Experiences of projects with mixed culture teams’.
Often we look at our experiences delivering from Finland to somewhere else but how about coming from somewhere else to deliver a project in Finland?
Huawei has grown from a tiny startup in China in the 80’s to possibly the single largest global IT and telecom supplier with approximately 176,000 employees. Huawei mobile phones are also now the best selling brand in Finland. Gordon has experience managing projects with mixed culture teams in different places including recently Finland. Join this BRT session to share experiences and perspectives.
Join us for coffee and networking at 8.15, the presentation starts at 8.30. Welcome!

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