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Fab Lab long night of IoT / Arduino / Raspberry Pi - Bluemix special

May 22, 17:00

Berlin, Germany
Fab Lab Berlin, Prenzlauer Allee 242, 10405 Berlin, Berlin

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Come and do some hardware and software hacking with your favourite electronic devices like Raspberry Pi / Arduino / ESP or you name it. From early beginners to magic black belt hackers / makers all types of interested people are highly welcome.
Beside the electronic and software you can also use all other great tools and machines in the FabLab like the 3D printers, laser cutters or CNC mills.
This evening is for really work on your projects in teams or individually but also to ask for help and help other makers. Get your things done here. :-)
For the timing:
17:00 people coming in, setting up their hardware, grabbing a drink.
18:00 How to do IoT in the cloud. (bingo!) We setup our mobiles to send sensor data to the IBM Cloud and use Cloud-Software to deal with the data. 
18:30 Makers introduce themselves, their hardware and what knowledge they need and offer.  
19:00 Lab tour for the newbees focused on the tools which are available for makers and how to get into the fablab community
19:30 Makers work on their project
23:00 Get a last drink

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