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Fab Lab long night of IoT - How to build your "Feinstaubsens­­or"

July 31, 17:00

Berlin, Germany
Fab Lab Berlin, Prenzlauer Allee 242, 10405 Berlin, Berlin

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Because next meeting is skipped we do the Feinstaubsensor thing a week earlier. 

Every first monday in a month the FabLab IoT Meetup focus on the topic of Particular Matter (Luftdaten / Feinstaub). The citizen science project is an open source / open hardware / open data project from south germany and really outstanding. If you want to have a look at real time data of Berlin take a look here:
The meetup consists of two parts:
• 18:00 Introducing the project and help people how to order the hardware. If you want to do it before have a look here: The page is only available in german but mainly you need to buy the SDS01 and some other hardware and wait for the shippment.
• 19:00 For the people having already the hardware we help on building the hardware together, flashing the firmware and helping to get ready.
Don't worry if your sensor and other hardware does not arrive in time, we have this meetup every first monday in a month.
Bring your friends and colleagues and help to build a huge sensor network for air quality check. Even of you are in Berlin only for a visit, build one and take it home wherever you live.

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