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Tampere.NET first meetup

February 20, 18:00-21:00

Tampere, Finland
Kelloportinkatu 1 D 33100 Tampere Futurice

Event is in the past

Bootstrapping Tampere.NET community!

Tampere.NET is a regularly organized .NET meetup in Tampere, where every event is organized with the support of a different company from the Tampere region. The sponsor of our first ever event is Futurice. There will be food and beverages.

Keep checking back and invite anyone you think might be interested. It's guaranteed to be interesting!

AGENDA 6 pm - 9 pm
- Welcome words by the organizers and brief discussion about the meetup intent & topics
- Tim Iskhakov – "Exploring Spans and Pipelines"
- Petri Sarasvirta – ".NET Core 3 plugin architecture"
- Antti Simonen – "Azure multi-stage pipelines with custom integrations"

If you'd like to submit a talk, please please please let us know! :)

P.S. Thanks to TampereJS for this description template ;)

Tampere.NET Tampere.NET

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Tomi Turtiainen Tomi Turtiainen

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