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ForwardJS Conference

March 1, 09:00

San Francisco, CA
Golden Gateway Inn by Holiday Inn, San Francisco, 1500 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, CA

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ForwardJS, Forward Swift and Forward Serverless are happening March[masked], with workshops from February 25 - March 5.

Pick your conference days and workshops from this massive list of JavaScript:
Saturday February 25  • React for Beginners w/ Azat Mardan  • Hybrid Apps with Cordova and Ionic w/ Max Firtman  • Angular 2 Application Architecture w/ Aysegul Yonet 
Sunday February 26  • D3.js And React w/ Freddy Rangel  • Four Semesters of Computer Science in Six Hours w/ Brian Holt  • Advanced JS: Foundations w/ Kyle Simpson  • Breaking Limits on the Web w/ Max Firtman  • Full-stack JavaScript with Node and React w/ Samer Buna
Monday February 27  • Mastering Service Workers and Web Push w/ Max Firtman  • React Native: Mobile Apps Without Swift w/ Tim Garcia  • In Your Face : WebVR is here w/ Shaun Dunne  • Advanced JS: Rethinking Async w/ Kyle Simpson  • React + Redux w/ Brian Holt  • Webpack: One Tool to Rule Them All w/ Freddy Rangel  • Getting Started with React.js w/ Samer Buna
Tuesday February 28  • REST APIs with Node/Express w/ Azat Mardan  • Javascript Games with Phaser w/ Tim Garcia  • Functional-Lite JS w/ Kyle Simpson  • Introduction to Elm w/ Richard Feldman  • React.js: Deep Dive w/ Samer Buna  • Advanced Async in Redux w/ Freddy Rangel  • Extreme Web Performance w/ Max Firtman
Wednesday, March 1  ForwardJS Conference Sessions
Thursday March 2  Forward Swift Conference Sessions • ES6: The Right Parts w/ Kyle Simpson  • Four Semesters of Computer Science in Six Hours w/ Brian Holt  • The Web is for Everyone: Accessibility w/ Jon Kuperman  • Redux, Once and for All w/ Cassio Zen  • Diving into IoT with NodeJS and Raspberry PI w/ Tim Garcia
Friday March 3  Forward Serverless Conference Sessions • Progressive Web Apps w/ Max Firtman  • Building large AngularJS 2 application with Redux w/ Peter Dickten  • The Flux Pattern in React/Redux Applications w/ Samer Buna  • Intro to Data Science with JS and D3 w/ Tim Garcia  • Future-friendly ambitious apps with Ember.js 2 w/ Michael North  • Practically Functional Programming w/ Brian Lonsdorf 
Saturday March 4  • Getting Started with GraphQL w/ Samer Buna  • Advanced SVG Animation w/ Sarah Drasner  • Mastering Chrome Developer Tools w/ Jon Kuperman  • New Web APIs Lab: Bluetooth, VR, Payments & Share w/ Max Firtman  • Hacking the Front End Interview w/ Freddy Rangel
Sunday March 5  • Apps with TypeScript and Angular2 w/ Max Firtman  • Code Into the Third Dimension: WebGL and Three.js w/ Matthew Lane
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