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From 0 to cloud with Go

February 28, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Bouvet, Drottninggatan 25, Stockholm

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Join us for an entertaining evening at the Craftsmanship Cinema!
We look at recordings of interesting craftsmanship related talks given across the globe at different conferences and then hold group discussions related to what we have seen and share experiences, for example:
• Personal experiences from the language Go.
• What language do you usually use, and why?
• What would it take for you to switch to a new language.
We start the video at 18.15.
For this event: From 0 to cloud with Go
This talk will introduce you to the awesome Go language and show how powerful and easy it is to deploy it to any cloud powered by Kubernetes, a tool backed by Google and also written in Go.
You'll be given walk through on how to build and run your first Go program on a Docker container, and deploy that container to a Kubernetes cluster running on Google Compute Engine.
There will be something to eat and drink available.

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