Open to new job opportunities? Check out the JS positions from Toughbyte. May Meetup Tampere together with Solita

May 26, 18:00-21:00

Helsinki, Finland
Åkerlundinkatu 11, 6. krs, Tampere

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Welcome to our first meet-up in Tampere, arranged together with Solita Oy.


18:00 Opening words - Solita
18:15 Clojurescript: a better developer experience - Teemu Kaukoranta (@TeemuKaukoranta)
19:00 Break
19:15 So what’s Elm - Riku Rouvila (@rikurouvila)

20:00 Break
20:15 Scala.js - Otto Chrons (@ochrons)
21:00 Ending words

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