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GE Minds + Machines Hackathon

June 12, 09:00

Berlin, Germany
Westhafen docks, Westhafenstraße 1, Sektor B, Halle 1, 13353 Berlin, Germany, Berlin

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GE Minds + Machines hackathon is a 2-day hackathon on a boat (yes a boat!) docked next to the Minds + Machines conference, on June 12-13 in Berlin. 
The mission is to develop sustainable IIoT applications to decarbonize the manufacturing and energy sectors using the GE Industrial IoT platform Predix. You’ll be given several data sources and Intel hardware to prompt your solution, as well as expert, self-guided online tutorials beforehand, to get yourself set up on the platform. 
Join for your chance to dip into the Prize Pool worth 50,000€ and benefit from a full day at the conference.
FREE registration on http://bit.ly/GEhack2017 with code: bemyapp100.

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