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Global Aviation Hackathon - {re}coding aviation

June 16, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
hub:raum Berlin, Winterfeldtstraße 21, Berlin

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For the first time in history, seven airports will collaborate to recode aviation and unleash the global potential of open innovation. {re}code aviation is a raw coding hackathon where developers, designers and other super powers will come together to hack the passenger journey.
From June 16th to 18th in hub:raum Berlin, designers, developers, and super powers will join forces to create the future of aviation using AI, IoT and sensors, chat bots, robotics, wearables, cloud-based solutions, wayfinding, and all other technology they can get their hands on.
Together with the airports of Copenhagen, Munich, Frankfurt, Gatwick, Geneva, Stockholm, and Amsterdam, participants are invited to come out and show what they’ve got during 48 hours in hub:raum Berlin!

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