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Global Day of Coderetreat

November 18, 08:30

Stockholm, Sweden
Citerus, Barnhusgatan 16, Stockholm

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Welcome to Global Day of Coderetreat (GDCR), a day to celebrate passion and software crafting! This years GDCR in Stockholm is hosted by Erika Ornstein (@erorcodes) and sponsored by her employer Citerus AB.
A coderetreat is a day-long, intensive practice event, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. During a coderetreat we use pair-programming, which is wonderful because you can learn a lot from each other. We write our code using TDD and the known design rules. We focus purely on the process of writing good code, there is no pressure to actually produce a working solution for the problem. Plus, to really let go of any prestige - after each session all code is thrown away and we start over!
GDCR is a day where multiple locations all across the globe arrange coderetreats simultaneously. This event is currently the only one planned in Sweden for GDCR 2017, check out to see the other locations and more info about the concept.

8:30 - Citerus office opens, come and grab a coffee and set up your computer
9:00 - Introduction and programming starts, we will do 3 sessions before lunch
~12:00 - lunch at the office (Citerus organises this, please let us know of any food preferences)
13:30 - 3 more sessions in the afternoon.
16:30 - a longer retrospective of the day 
17:00 - event over, but for those who want to continue chatting about code (or just socialise) let’s go to Duvel Café afterwards 

Q: How does it work? 
The format of a code retreat is: 
- pair up with someone at the event - take a problem: Conway’s Game of Life - during 45 minutes sessions write the best code with your pair - delete your code (yes, it can be hard) - 10 minutes retrospectives - 5 minutes break - change your pair - start a new 45 minutes session 

Q: Do I need to know a specific language? 
No, this coderetreat is language agnostic, the main principles are the same for each language.

Q: What do I need to bring?
Please bring a laptop with a development environment installed. And of course a positive and open mind, prepared for some pair programming fun. Citerus AB will provide power and Wi-Fi as well as lunch, coffee, and an atmosphere of community. 

Looking forward to seeing you at Banhustorget in Stockholm for a day of programming fun!

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