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GOTO Night: Adventures in Elm - Question your Principles

June 22, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Umspannwerk Kreuzberg, Ohlauer Straße 43, 10999, Berlin

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Doors opening 18:30   Start 19:00 
Cost free of charge  Snacks & refreshments included  Speaker Jessica Kerr
GOTO Night: Adventures in Elm - Question your Principles

What do you get when you combine strict functional programming with heavy user interaction? Challenges, and unexpected freedoms. Elm is a purely functional language for the browser. It compiles to JavaScript -- after enforcing immutability, types, semantic versioning, and tight boundaries for user and server interactions. Working within these restrictions, I find my programming principles turned upside down. Small components? who needs them. Global state? no problem. New principles emerge instead: events, reproducibility, kindness in times of error.
This session gives an overview of Elm, then focuses on the Elm Architecture: how it overturns what is essential in object-oriented and even backend functional programming.
Jessica Kerr is a functional developer on the JVM. She enjoys Scala, Clojure, Elm, gin, and surprises. She recently joined Atomist, where she works remotely from St. Louis, MO. Her school-age daughters do not appreciate her hobbies, especially all the travel to speak at conferences across the US and Europe.
Twitter: @jessitron
PS: We will raffle one GOTO Berlin 2017 conference ticket! ;) 

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