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GOTO Night: Modern low level - Rust in 2017

August 23, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Umspannwerk Kreuzberg, Ohlauer Straße 43, 10999, Berlin

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Doors opening 18:30 Start 19:00
Cost free of charge Snacks & refreshments included Speaker Florian Gilcher
GOTO Night: Modern low level - Rust in 2017
Rust is a systems programming language focused on safety, speed, and concurrency and a serious alternative to C and C++. It can be used from distributed server systems down to embedded devices. It is developed by Mozilla.
Rust is currently a language more talked about then used in production. Still, it sees constant adoption around the globe from large players such as Dropbox, Microsoft and Chef. Rust is used actively to build large systems, from web browsers over databases to embedded systems.
This talk will introduce you to the language through an overview of its hallmark features. It will then discuss these features in the context of productive use and will present examples of successful projects. At the end, there will be practical hints for proper evaluation and possible roads to adoption of the language.
Florian Gilcher is the CEO of asquera GmbH, a small consultancy for backend software development in Berlin. He is an active Rubyist and Rustacean. He is involved in the Rust project through his work in the Rust Community Team. He trains Rust courses and builds open source software on top of it.
Twitter: @Argorak
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