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GOTO Night: Who's the one? A story about shared responsibility & decision making

November 23, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
EUROPACE, Klosterstr. 71 10179 , Berlin

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Doors opening 18:30   Start 19:00  Cost free of charge   Snacks & refreshments included   Speaker Stefan Rudnitzki
GOTO Night: Who's the one? - A story about shared responsibility & decision making
For more than 8 years teams at Europace were working with agile methods like scrum and kanban as our development processes of choice. Within these years we learned a lot and evolved an understanding and mindset of “agile”. In 2015 we started looking for the next steps in agile. Therefore we adapted aspects of Holacracy and began to do experiments. The experiences we made were challenged by our understanding of a vision of self-organization. As a result we started an ongoing iterative integration of the insights of the experiences. 
This talk shares the insights, experiences and failures we encountered so far. This talks aims to start an exchange of knowledge between everybody that has made similar experiences or experiments. Therefore this talk contains practical examples how responsibility and decision making were re-thought. Not only in a technical way like architecture, tools and prioritisation but also when it comes to recruiting, employer branding and salary.
Stefan Rudnitzki works as a lead developer at Europace AG. He develops frontend and backend software. Furthermore he feels responsible for aspects of team organization, self organization, employer branding and recruiting. Within the last 10 years he was able to learn the diverse views and understandings of agile at different employers and teams. Additionally he is an organizer of the MongoDB user group and Async Cat Herding meetup in Berlin.
Twitter: @stefzki

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