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GOTO Stockholm Night: Delivering real business value from data insights

January 19, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
Sveavägen 46, Stockholm

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Delivering Real Business Value from Data Analytics
Everyone has big data but the world’s most innovative (and successful!) organizations are leveraging the insights from analyzing that big data to drive business decisions. From recommendation engines on eCommerce sites to optimizing product UX, making data-driven decisions is now critical for modern businesses to succeed.
During this GOTO Stockholm Night, speakers from Zalando, Klarna, Trifork and Humio will discuss the tools, technologies and strategies needed to deliver real business value from data insights.
The next GOTO Stockholm Nights will cover topics including Adopting Agility, Infrastructure Automation, Microservices for the Enterprise, and Data Visualization - stay tuned for updates on future events in this series!
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