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Graph Databases: what are they and where to use them?

November 21, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
The Park, Sveavagen 98, 113 50 Stockholm, Sweden, Stockholm

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Neo4j welcomes you our Graph Meetup in Stockholm, Sveavägen 98, level 2 - The Park.
We will talk about the following:
• Graphs: what are they, and how do they work? • Graph databases: how do they fit in today's (NO)SQL / polyglot persistence architecture • Use cases: where to use these graphs, and for what purpose • Examples and demos of what it could do... Our agenda for the evening is pretty simple: • 18h00: Welcome. We will provide drinks and food.
• 18h30: Presentations start
• 19h30: Q&A
• 20h30: end of the evening
We hope you can join us there, and look forward to talking graphs with the Stockholm Community.
Gunnar (Neo4j) & Rik (Neo4j)

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