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Hack Evening

October 4, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
GetYourGuide, Erich-Winert-Straße 145C, Berlin

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Hack Evenings are biweekly sessions where members are invited to join and learn coding / work on projects together.

It is not programming language or technology specific - if you are eager to spend time improving your coding skills, working on a side project or you have fun mentoring others, you are welcome to join! When you get stuck with something - more experienced members can jump in and help. 
You can also join us in building together small projects, learning along the way!

The agenda for the evening:
7:00pm - Start: get yourself a drink and a snack 
7:20pm -  Presentation of our collaborative project
7:30pm - Pitch time: everyone are welcome to share with the group what they are working on
7:40pm - Coding time: individually or in groups, members are working on projects / courses / coding exercises 
About our host:
We'll be hosted by GetYourGuide!

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