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Hackend: Weather sensor phalanx hacking for open data

August 25, 15:00

Berlin, Germany
Fab Lab Berlin, Prenzlauer Allee 242, 10405 Berlin, Berlin

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Fablab Berlin will have the most epic sensor phalanx for weather data ever! We host this hackend (some people may call it hackathon) in order to setup hardware, build hardware, install code and write code. The goal is to measure all kind of weather data and publish it to open data platforms. For example:
• Weather Underground 
• uradmonitor.com 
• Openweathermap.org
• Wxqa.com 
• Pwsweather.com 
• Windfinder.com 
• Awekas.at 
• Pwsweather.com 
• wow.metoffice.gov.uk 
• Twitter
• Mastodon 
• Facebook

Many hands and brains are needed so sign up and be part of the team. We need all kinds of hardware, software and mechanic skills to measure:
• Temperature 
• Humidity 
• Wind Speed 
• Wind Direction
• Rain
• Pressure 
• Particulate Matter 
• Leaf moisture APRS WSPR UV IR Light Skycam AirTraffic Responder Air Dust Sensor Tamper Sensor per Box PIR Sensor 4 directions Temperature box sensor Humidity box sensor Noise level
All will be based on open source and we will generate cool open data. So be part of it and have fun!

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