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Hacker News Meetup #10

January 17, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Ritterstraße 12 - 14, Berlin

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Happy New Year! Hacker News meetup is on January 17 at 7pm. Starting with drinks and food provided by Contentful. 
Ritterstraße 12-14, Berlin
19:00 - Check in opens. Pick up a nametag grab a beer and some food and get to know your fellow nerds
19:40 - Welcome chat
19:45 - Lightning Talks/Forum
20:15/20 - Enjoy more beer, pizza, and good company

Lightning Talks: 
1. Jobs-To-Be-Done: how not to give your customers faster horses by Korneliusz Caputa
2. You

If you are interested in giving a 5-10 minute talk at this meetup send me an email at [masked]

Join our slack group to chat with attendees before the event and get to know our community - https://meetup-berlin.wiredcraft.com/
If you would like to share a job opportunity or are available for work, you can post this in our job opportunity discussion here. 

Berlin Hacker News Meetup Berlin Hacker News Meetup

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