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Hacking Jenkins - Groovy, JobDSL, Pipeline, Scriptler etc

March 15, 17:30

Stockholm, Sweden

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Hello to you fellow Jenkins enthusiast!
It has been almost a year since the last meetup. Let's gather together and talk some Jenkins.

Jenkins Pipeline is going strong, and there are more and more features being added. Have you already tried it? Do you have some hacks and tips to share? Or maybe you are a groovy hacker and do magic in Jenkins using your groovy scripts? Or perhaps you solved some interesting problem? If so and you would like to share, please reach out to organaisers!
We need a place for this event. So if you have a room that can fit 50 or so people then please do not hesitate to reach out to organizers.
Preliminary agenda: * Few small tips about Jenkins pipeline that could save you few hours and some wtf, Andrey Devyatkin * ... * ...

Stockholm Jenkins Meetup Stockholm Jenkins Meetup

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