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HashiCorp's Vault from zero to hero

January 25, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Factory Berlin, Rheinsberger Straße 76/77, Berlin, 10115

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Want to learn how to handle secrets like a boss? Then you can't miss this event! HashiCorp's Vault is the new kid on the block in the security area. Join us in the journey to make software secure again!
19:00–19:20: Eat, drink, mingle
19:20–19:30: Introductions
19:30–20:00: "Don't Spill The Beans - Keeping Secrets in Production" by Trevor Lischka, Software Engineer
Everyone has secret materials (passwords, access tokens etc) but nobody seems to agree on how to manage them. In this talk Trevor will  examines frequently used solutions and explains why HashiCorp's Vault is an ideal alternative.
20:00–20:30: More eating, drinking, and mingling
20:30–21:00: "HashiCorp's Vault Examples" by Michał Czeraszkiewicz (@czerasz), Full Stack Developer at Scalable Web-Systems
Let's have fun with Vault's secret backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SSH.
About the speakers
Trevor Lischka (GitHub: DocLabyrinth)
Worked in software development since 2009 and from that point he has deployed a wide variety of production web services. His main focus is on JavaScript and Ruby but he has touched many other languages (started out years ago with PHP 4).
Michał Czeraszkiewicz (@czerasz,
Michał is passionate about Web Architecture, Scalability and Cloud solutions. He is a big believer in open source and community driven projects. Nowadays he works as a Freelance Full Stack Developer, Consultant in Berlin area.
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