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Hello Turku! Lets do maps together!

June 14, 16:30

Turku, Finland
Teatterisilta / Theater bridge, Läntinen rantakatu, Turku, Turku

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MaptimeTurku is a meeting place for discussing and making maps. It's easy! It's like knitting socks. You only need to see how its been done. 
On audiences and OpenDataAfterwork meetups request an other possible Mapillary mapping session awaits us. If you did not manage to join us last time, this is the same thing, but more the merrier :) 
Remeber to download Mapillary app to your smartphone from your selected appstore and register as a Mapillary user. Then we'll meet somewhere in the riverside of beautiful river Aura and start mapping (again :D).

MaptimeTurku MaptimeTurku

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