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Helsinki WebGL Meetup

March 15, 17:00

Helsinki, Finland at Deck co-working space, Aleksis Kiven katu 26 C, Helsinki

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First ever Helsinki WebGL meetup! We have two talks:
1. Janne Aukia: Procedural VR worlds with WebVR 
What makes VR magical is the possibility to create your own, immersive virtual worlds. One approach for this is procedural or generative design, where you have algorithms for creating terrains, objects, plants and even animals.
I'll share you with my experience of playing with procedural generation using WebVR + Three.js + HTC Vive. And give pointers on exploring procedural VR world generation further.
2. Tuomas Rasila: WebGL Volumetric Rendering
Tuomas will give a demo about how they did 3D Volumetric Rendering for medical use, BIM and Rendering of Lidar data at the scale of Finland, all using WebGL.

See you there!

Helsinki WebGL Meetup Helsinki WebGL Meetup

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