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October 29, 18:00

Helsinki, Finland

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Welcome to the first #HELYES Event - #HELYES 1 - The Meetup!

Over 30 startup related organizations have teamed up to give birth to a meetup event to bring together the whole Helsinki Metropolitan Area startup ecosystem under #HELYES brand.

The first #HELYES event will be held on Thursday October 29th at Restaurant Maxine in Kamppi.

As this is a joint effort to boost the collaboration, no particular organization will have the ownership and the idea is that the organizations will take turns on arranging the meetups. #HELYES events will generally be free to attend and open for everyone in the startup scene or interested to join. #HELYES is a casual gathering where the program will consist of sharing the latest news from the startup ecosystem, interesting talks and panels, some surprises and of course great networking. Following the great examples of #CPHFTW and STHLM Tech Meetup community boosts, #HELYES aims to fill this gap

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