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How to Become a Digital Millionaire

November 23, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
Space Shack, AkazienStrasse 3a , Berlin

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Hi everyone,
after a long break, we are coming back to Space Shack, with a super modern, extraterrestrial ambiente. This time with a very exciting topic, which deeply moves many people, namely: “How to become digital millionaire. I am also very pleased to announce our amazing speakers, who are experts from San Francisco and London. The agenda is as it follows:
18:30 doors open
19:00-19:05 Petya "Introduction"
19:05-19:15 Performance of our improvisation theater actors
19:15-20:15: David La Rue „Crypto Millionaire: coming soon: how digital currencies can make you really rich“ I am David La Rue from San Francisco, California in the United States. My professional focus is Trading Systems, Active Directory, IT-Security, and Blockchain Technology. I am the managing partner from La Rue Consulting GbR. We are a small consulting firm out of Marburg Germany. Our company specializes in the fields of Agile Project Management, IT Security, Security Awareness, Trading Systems, Active Directory, and E-Mail Security. We have had the great success of completing large scale projects for Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post, DHL, KfW, Deutsche Bank, Novartis, Hewlett Packard, thyssenkrupp, and Western Union. For the last few years my passion and focus has been around Cryptocurrencies. I have been working on building a startup to teach people about the amazing new possibilities of Blockchain and all the exiting new possibilities that are growing every day. I am a firm believer that this emerging technology will revolutionize the world and bring wealth and financial freedom to everyone on the planet. Coming from the United States so many people speak of the American Dream. I can say I am living the American Dream in Europe. I have the great honor to rub shoulders with people every day that are making an impact all around them. Taking this dream one step further I believe a whole new Dream has begun and it is not specific to one country, it is based on the world. I call it the World Dream. Emerging technologies are making it possible for anyone with a great idea can create and deploy and easily have a global audience. Putting the tools into the hands of everyone and say go for it, sure paints a very interesting picture of possibilities. What makes this so interesting is when you share your success and give the knowledge further you are in turn helping your growth as well. It is like a small snowball rolling down a freshly snowed on mountain. As it rolls down the hill it continues to grow. This is how I see the future. We as business leaders need to get the message out there. Take the time to show the people the right way to become successful under their own power. Give them the motivation to create great ideas that will help our world in this time of change. Contact - [masked] Tel: +(49)[masked]
20:15-20:20 Performance of our improvisation theater actors
20:20-20:30 Short break
20:30-20:35 Performance of our improvisation theater actors
20:35-21:35 James Potten: “What I learned from Richard Branson on Neckar Island” I am James Potten from Bristol, UK and I have expertise in galvanising teams to scale businesses and bring purposeful ideas to life. I have a first class honours Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from Cardiff University, and have studied at both Ashridge and Schumacher College in recent years to build a greater understanding of growth mindset and systems thinking. After 12 years of hard slog, I exited as MD and shareholder from a £12m turnover environmental company called Ecosurety that grew from 15 to 50 people strong in the last 5 years. Prior to this I was a program manager at Honeywell. I also co-founded the Student Windsurfing Association in 2000, which continues to run the largest windsurfing events in the UK. The universe has an interesting way of helping us change course, and after coming across the concept of 'abundance' in late 2014, I am now pursuing my passion for how exponential technologies can positively impact our lives.I like working with disruptive companies that focus on optimizing the relationship between strategy, people and technology to create an abundant yet sustainable world. I also believe the existing paradigm of business culture is stifling creativity. So I'd like to do something about it! I am now a partner in RED Academy, helping to launch our third school in London following the successful launch of Vancouver and Toronto. We specialize in UX, UI Design, Digital Marketing and Web & App devolvement. I believe in the importance of life long learning and he need to redefine education to prepare us for the exponential future. I am also mentor start-ups and Chair a micro-finance charity called Deki which has a fantastic mission to create a world of opportunity, not poverty through a hand up, not a hand out. My wife and I have a huge passion for kitesurfing, which provides us with essential down-time to get headspace from the day-to-day. I was the first person to windsurf the English Channel in 2003 (in 1 hour 24 mins), and I attempted a kitesurf from Spain to Morocco in 2017 (the wind dropped)!
I spent a week on Necker Island in 2016 with Richard Branson, brain storming for Virgin Unite in the morning and kitesurfing in the afternoon. I subsequently ran my own trial event in Tarifa, Spain to see if the same concept could work for leading European CEOs who want to give back a piece of the pie. It does! I have been on the most amazing journey and have found the transition from a competitive to creative mindset to be an incredible awakening. Business leaders should encourage a culture of self-discovery and personal growth to maximize creativity and therefore productivity. I believe the most successful leaders of the future will be those with the greatest capacity to share. Contact - [masked] /[masked] /
21:35-21:40 Performance of our improvisation theater actors
21:40- onwards: Networking and Drinks
Looking forward to having another great meetup with you!!!

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