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In Search of Co-founder

March 30, 16:30-19:00

Helsinki, Finland
NewCo Helsinki, Ensi Linja 1, 00530 Helsinki, Finland

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"You have got a good business idea, but you don’t want to run the business alone? Or perhaps you don’t have a good business idea yet, but you have been burning to join a startup and call yourself an entrepreneur?"

This event is created specifically to connect great business ideas with business opportunity seekers, and provide a great opportunity for people to meet potential co-founders and business partners!

1) If you are looking for co-founders, you will be given 3-5 minutes to express your business idea (free style, no preparation required); and what kind of co-founders you are looking for; certainly you will have the opportunity to discuss with people who are interested in your idea. What you need to do is come to the event on time and put yourself on the pitching list at your arrival (Max 10 slots).

2) If you are looking for a potential startup to join, you will have the opportunity to hear different business ideas and join your favourite one.

  • Tips for everyone: bring your business card (or something with your contact information on), so you can make more connections at the event. For more startup positions, check out:

Helsinki Growth Alliance Helsinki Growth Alliance

Propose talk to Helsinki Growth Alliance