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Intro to Kontena and Real world Kontena

September 19, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
The Digital Eatery, Unter den Linden 17, 10117 Berlin, Berlin

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On Tuesday the 19th September we are inviting all interested to join a talk about Microservices by Jussi Nummelin from Kontena Inc and Charles Ahmadzadeh from
We assemble at 19:00 pm and we start the talk at 19:30 with a talk by Jussi on " Intro to Kontena – the developer friendly container and microservices platform" followed by the second talk "Real world Kontena: challenges of a startup" from Charles. We start at 19:30 pm until 21:00 pm. Afterwards we are looking forward to discussions and socializing while enjoying food and cold beverages.
We'll have intro to Kontena container & microservices platform and a hands-on live demo.
What is Kontena and why would you care
• How to install Kontena and deploy your first app
• Demos & use cases

Jussi Nummelin has architected and operated numerous software platforms and applications during his 15+ year career.  Having worked for companies ranging from mobile operator Elisa to telecom systems and mobile phone provider Nokia to systems integrator Digia, Jussi has gained deep and wide experience in creating and running highly scalable fault tolerant systems.  Having boldly gone to production with the Docker 0.6 release at his previous company and being hard headed, Jussi stayed in the container business and is now one of the core engineers building container orchestration at Kontena, Inc.
Twitter: @JNummelin
Engineering challenges in early stage startups can be tough. Finding the right balance between delivering value and building strong technical foundations is critical for success.
In this talk, Charles will discuss how Kontena helped Bunch build the foundations of their tech stack as well as show real world examples of microservices made easy thanks to the built-in features that Kontena provides.

Charles is Lead Engineer at, the team success platform for scaling culture and hiring people that fit your team. Full stack software generalist, Charles is passionate about Domain Driven Design, reactive architectures and Audio Synthesis.

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