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IoT Sthlm #28: How to connect your thing

September 11, 18:00

Stockholm, Sweden
GOTO10, Hammarby kaj 10, Stockholm

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This is a meetup on the topic of connectivity, as there are a host of new low-power networking technologies popping up; LoRaWAN, NB-IoT, Sigfox... These networks allow for small amounts of data to be transmitted with little power, meaning that we now can have even smaller sensors running on batteries for even longer.
The purpose is for all attendees to learn more about how they can connect their devices, and what technology to choose and why. We welcome everyone, regardless of profession (or not) and interests and try to provide something relevant for all among the presentations.
Presentations are yet TBA, please get in touch if you want to present something or if you know of something you feel fits the theme.
We always love to hear stories about actual products and projects so all meetup members (yes, YOU - no project is too small!) are welcome to share their stories about how they connect their things to the 'net.
The meetup is held in English.

Anders Mellbratt - LoRaWAN with The Things Network


Lightning talks:


Drinks and snacks generously provided by GOTO10.
About GOTO10
Goto 10 is Stockholm’s only free starting and meeting place for anyone who wants to develop their internet ideas – with or without a business idea or start-up plans. You can become a member of Goto 10. We have temporary workplaces, room for meet-ups, seminars and smaller gatherings. There’s also a café.
Here, you can come without a business idea or a start-up plan. The focus is on networking, exchanging ideas and knowledge with various types of seminars and workshops. Goto 10 can also be a place for you to sit and work. The common denominator is curiosity and a love of all internet and web possibilities, for example, hackathons, programming, connecting things and people, robots, 3D printing, programming for kids, security and encryption, VR, social media, broadband and open data.
We simply want your focus, just as ours, to be helping to move the internet forward. In addition to offering the opportunity to sit and work, take meetings and network, meetups and seminars are organized in all subjects that in some way move the internet forward.

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