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January 2017 Tech Meetup at Reaktor Helsinki

January 31, 18:00

Helsinki, Finland
Reaktor, Mannerheimintie 2, Helsinki

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Reaktor January 2017 Tech Meetup focuses on Advanced Javascript. We'll take a look at two topics, after which there's a possibility to network and continue discussions in a more informal manner. Our topics will be:
Teemu Pöntelin: State of Web Components and Polymer 2.0
Web Components features are currently being added to HTML and DOM specifications. Work on the specifications began in 2012, so after five years it's now time to take a look at the current state of affairs. We'll also look into upcoming 2.0 release of Polymer - a library that allows you to use Web Components in current browsers. This version is currently in preview, slated to be released later this year.
Vesa Karvonen: Compositional data manipulation using lenses - EXTENDED EDITION
Lenses are a simple and powerful abstraction for updating and querying immutable data structures. A lens can be seen as a path to focus on an element of a data structure. The lens can then be used to both read the focused element and to substitute a new element into the focus, creating a new data structure. Lenses allow one to create complex data manipulation operations from simple parts.
Lenses can be useful whenever there is a need to manipulate elements of immutable data structures. We have used lenses to solve both client and server side data manipulation problems.
In this talk Vesa will introduce lenses and some related concepts and show how to use a library of partial lenses. This talk is an extended version of the one held in HelsinkiJS December 2016.
We'll start at 6PM, but a more detailed agenda will be released later. Welcome!

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