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January Meetup: Parsing C++ with clang tools

January 17, 19:00

Berlin, Germany
Rungestraße 20, Berlin

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Hi C++itians,
we are happy to announce our first meetup of the Year 2017. Olivier Goffart will tell us about clang based tools for C++.
As usual we meet at 19:00h for networking and the talks will start at 20:00h. 
Our meetups run under the Berlin Code of Conduct.
Parsing C++ with clang tools, by Olivier Goffart
This talk will give an introduction on what can be done using the clang tooling infrastructure. I will present some tools, including an online C++ code browser [], documentation tools, or linter. We will see what are the possibilities offered by the LLVM/clang suite, and how you can benefit with your C++ code base. As an introduction, I will also show some sample C++ code which are surprisingly hard to parse for the compiler.

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