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Join 1 Year Anniversary of Berlin.AI

May 10, 18:00

Berlin, Germany

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1 Year anniversary of Berlin's quarterly AI Gathering!
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--- Berlin's quarterly summit AI for artificial intelligence applied calls for all AI enthused product, business and tech people to its second edition at 'TBA' on May 10th at 6pm. Focused, hands-on talks on the impact of AI and related technologies on product development, design and the business aspects, providing an outlook on related industry + technology trends.
We're proud to announce our selected speakers at Berlin.AI's second edition on September 1st:
• Sofie Quindero , Co-Founder + CEO at SearchInk (raised EUR 4.5 Seed)
• Harald Gölles , Co-Founder + CTO at SearchInk (raised EUR 4.5 Seed)
• Henning Peters , Founder at RiseML (former Co-Founder SpaCy)
• Special Guest , TBA
The talks are followed by an informal exchange with industry peers to spot the latest trends and technology updates on the analysis of
• Text (Natural Language)
• Audio (Sound, Speech, Music)
• Image + Video
• Data Modeling
The event AIMS to build a community, share expertise and support the application of machine learning and related technologies around web + app developers, product designers, founders + entrepreneurs, project + team leaders, and anyone who is related to the aspect of developing products.

18:00 - Mingle with drinks + snacks 18:30 - Talks (20min each) 19:30 - Focused Peer-to-peer sessions (30min) 20:00 - Official Closing + Inofficial Networking
As we're all on a tight schedule, the summit is going to start and end on time. All participants will be invited to our community to Further exchange and stay in touch afterwards.

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