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Junction & Data-driven Product Marketing & Productizing The Intangible

November 9, 19:00

Helsinki, Finland
Mannerheimintie 117, Helsinki

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We are combining this as a pre-event to Junction Hackathon as it's so close and our host Kesko is participating in the E-commerce & Retail track with Zalando and will say a few words about why they would like your company or you to "hack" retail. Check out the details of the challenge in the page. Apply to Junction by 26th Oct in their website!
We would like to invite all those participating in Junction hackathon (related to Slush) to take this as opportunity to present you or your company or your team to meat others who might want to join your team in the hackathon. It's not just for the techies, it's also for you more biz people out there. If you are interested to present your self for 3-5 minutes, please contact us organizers in our Facebook group by Nov 5th.
We will have also a presentation on the "customer" topics mentioned here, coming back to that soon...

- How Well Do You Really Know Your Customer? - What should Product Managers know programmatic and other data driven marketing - Using Your Product Data For Marketing - Educating customers, prospects and partners - why and how should you do it?
The Intangible - Productizing Data or Other Content - What are we productizing Analytics, APIs, MyData, Videos, Podcasts or other content? - packaging it - communicating it to sales, marketing, customers and partners - making it available and planning availability - pricing it

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