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June Meetup hosted by ToonsTV team in Rovio

June 22, 17:00

Helsinki, Finland
Keilaranta 17, Espoo

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Hosted by ToonsTV team in Rovio
• Welcome to meetup
Rovio’s Game Technology Infrastructure in the Cloud Era Paul Villacorta will share how AWS is used in Rovio's Cloud Platform ToonsTV video distribution architecture on AWS Liina Pütsepp and Ossi Tiltti will tell about current architecture and future plans.
MaaS Global and Serverless architecture on AWS Sami Pippuri will talk about the system design and experiences of using the Serverless Framework on AWS
• Sauna We can use Rovio sauna (mixed) (bring your own towel).
Drinks Soft drinks, water, coffee/tee, beer/cider/lonkero
Food Some food, details will follow

/ Marko Alén and Liina Pütsepp - Your AWS meetup organizers

Finland AWS Meetup Finland AWS Meetup

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