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Leading Towards Diversity: Conducting Interviews For Hiring The Right People

December 7, 18:30

Berlin, Germany
Sky Lounge @ Zalando Tech, Mollstr. 1, Berlin

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As leaders we are tasked with ensuring we hire great teams to build great products. Diverse points of view allow for creative thinking and, thus, help with better product development. Diversity of gender, race, age, skill level etc all have positive impact on the team. By understanding bias in the hiring process, leaders can optimise their recruitment to ensure they are building the best team they can, and the best products as well.
There are many studies pointing to why diversity within teams is so important. Nonetheless we find ourselves faced with the challenge: How do we recruit without bias?
In this workshop we would like to examine the importance of diversity, the unconscious bias and provide helpful tools and tips on how to recruit a workforce without bias.
This workshop will be divided into separate exercises designed to both educate and give hands-on experience in conducting interviews with diversity in mind.
In the following week, we shall have a separate experience sharing session in which group members can meet to discuss what we have learned from our own careers, share best practices and advice with each other.
Session Leaders:
- Sanne Goslinga currently spearheads the European Talent Management team at Wayfair. Her experience is focussed on working with hyper growth and diversity within teams in tech companies. Previously she was a teacher at Griffith university in Australia.
- Matthias Schmeisser is a Product Design Recruiter at Zalando. In this role he is growing the product design community at Zalando by recruiting designers, spreading the product design idea around and shaping the talent brand of Zalando from a global perspective.

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