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Learn Python Koans Study Group (Part 8)

February 14, 15:00

Helsinki, Finland
Microsoft Flux, Korkeavuorenkatu 35, Helsinki

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Q: can I join if I missed earlier sessions or this is my 1st time?  A: Yes! It is not a problem to join even if this is your first time.

Hands on practice in Python using Mob Programming. Beginner or expert, come explore python together in a fun and gentle hands on workshop. Koans are a series of small exercises that lead you to all the different corners of the python language please note: it is ok to drop in late or leave early if needed. This format is very flexible, so you can join and participate as needed for your schedule.
Koan Details: (page 2)
This session we will most likely cover 18/19/20  Generators & Lambda & Scoring Kata
Q: can I join if I missed earlier sessions or this is my 1st time? A: Yes! It is not a problem to join even if this is your first time.
Q: Why is this during work hours? A: Many companies allow you to take time during work for continual learning. If you haven't asked if you can get use this time we encourage you to do so.  Give this, we didn't want to ask people to choose between family time and learning.

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