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Learners' Meetup: The 7 wonders of Agile development

May 3, 19:30

Berlin, Germany
@bitcrowd GmbH, Oranienstraße 6, 10997, Berlin

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CHANGE OF VENUE! For this meetup we will be at bitcrowd, not Co-up
A friendly meetup of learners of all levels with an easy-to-understand talk on tech, learning or hacking, followed by discussions in small groups to connect and find answers to our tech-related questions. For the agenda, click on „Read more“.
Talk (ca. 20 mins) 7 wonders of agile development
We all love Pair programming, Visualization, Participation, Cross-functionality, Prioritization, Transparency, but sometimes it´s hard to stick to them. It might feel awkward in the first place and people might say, “We don´t need this!” And sometimes we feel discouraged by that. But if we manage to stick to them, they reveal themselves as some sort of miracle cure for our collaboration and product success. I would like to shed the light of a psychologist on why that is and pass some reasons on to you to persevere. We will also have plenty of time to talk the wonders you have encountered.

by Katrin E. Dreyer - Katrin Elise Dreyer is a business psychologist working to improve processes and team spirit as a Producer at Zalando. Before she went into working with teams at Zalando she was a product owner and later a scrum master at immobilenscout24.
A mini barcamp! (ca. 40 mins)
Anyone is invited to propose a topic they want to discuss or get help with and we organise ourselves into groups or pairs. At the end we share what we discussed.
We usually continue our discussions with a drink in a nearby bar. Looking forward to see you!
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