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Learners' Meetup: Unicode, a 💌

September 6, 19:30

Berlin, Germany
TBA, Berlin, Berlin

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VENUE still to be announced! We will update this event’s location when we know more.

A friendly meetup of learners of all levels with an easy-to-understand talk on tech, learning or hacking, followed by discussions in small groups to connect and find answers to our tech-related questions. For the agenda, click on „Read more“.
Talk (ca. 20 mins) Unicode, a 💌
A short introduction into text encoding, specifically Unicode, aimed at beginners. Unicode is one of the things that can make you laugh and cry at the same time: it tries to put a (rather) unified system on top of one of the oldest cultural techniques we have: writing. I'd like to discuss Unicode in its context: why it came to be, how it works and what its advantages and flaws are. You will leave this talk with the most important basics about Unicode: when to care about it, what and what not to care about and basic vocabulary to competently speak about it. 

by Florian Gilcher - Florian Gilcher is an active Rubyist and Rustacean. He runs conferences and meetups, such as the eurucamp, the RustFest and the Rust Hack & Learn in Berlin. During work hours, he mostly works on search, which is why he handles text a lot.
A mini barcamp! (ca. 40 mins)
Anyone is invited to propose a topic they want to discuss or get help with and we organise ourselves into groups or pairs. At the end we share what we discussed.
Afterwards we usually continue our discussions with a drink in a nearby bar. Looking forward to see you!
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