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Learners' Meetup: What does a Product Manager do?

October 4, 19:30

Berlin, Germany
TBD, Berlin, Berlin

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A friendly meetup of learners of all levels with an easy-to-understand talk on tech, learning or hacking, followed by discussions in small groups to connect and find answers to our tech-related questions. For the agenda, click on „Read more“.
Talk (ca. 20 mins) What does a Product Manager do?
What does a Product Manager do? Ask different people and you will get different answers. The Product Manager is a "jack of all trades" (someone who does... well, everything). Some call them the "mini-CEO". Or the "defender of the customer". So... what does a Product Manager actually do? And why do we need them? Shaun found his own answer to this question. He will attempt to clear up the confusion by sharing his story as a Product Manager, the lessons he learnt along the way, and how he now thinks differently about his job, 5 years on.
by Shaun Russell -Shaun is a Product Manager at Outfittery, a personal shopping service based in Berlin. His previous experience includes London-based fashion retailer Lyst, and Adthena, a search intelligence tool.
A mini barcamp! (ca. 40 mins)
Anyone is invited to propose a topic they want to discuss or get help with and we organise ourselves into groups or pairs. At the end we share what we discussed.
Afterwards we usually continue our discussions with a drink in a nearby bar. Looking forward to see you!
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