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Let's get an explosive Cloud BI start with movie theatre style

June 16, 17:00

Helsinki, Finland

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Whether you are an analytics geek or a business analytics wizard, you will find equal minded at this first meetup.
Sit back, enjoy some drinks and popcorn and watch how various cloud business intelligence technology vendors and their representatives sweat in front of you. We will have multiple teams and provide equal datasets for each team. The team will introduce themselves and have an hour to use the data provided and solve a business problem trough data preparation, data modelling and data visualisation. Every team will have a master screen that is shared via video projector to the whole audience. There will be a host with tough questions and he/she will interview the teams during the competition.
Are you a cloud business intelligence technology representative or a consulting partner. If you feel that you should be on stage, please email at [masked]
Cloud BI technology owners
Are you a cloud Business Intelligence technology owner and would like to build a team that competes against other technology teams on stage? By becoming a sponsor, you have the privilege to build a team and have your business and logo visible in the events. Please contact [masked] for more information. 
Please notice that during the event, all data manipulation, data warehousing, data visualisation etc must be done on cloud (not on laptop). You must also provide a description of your cloud business intelligence environment that you will use during the competition in advance.
Its crucial that all teams have equal datasets as well as similar previous knowledge of that specific dataset. If you want contribute as a data provider, please email at [masked].

Helsinki Cloud BI Meetup Helsinki Cloud BI Meetup

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